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Sage Protection Candle

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All protection candles are hand poured in small batches. This Divine "Isis" Protection candle fully charged and ready to use. The candle is infused with Black Tourmaline and Citrine and organic White Sage, Tulsi and Lavender essential oils. Black Tourmaline: The stone of protection absorbs negative energy and is preventing unwanted energy from entering your home, mind, body, and spirit. It also is grounding and works with your lower chakras. By grounding your energy and providing an energetic security the crystal helps you feel safe and protected in your home. Citrine: Dissipates negative energy. It does not absorb any negative energies from its surroundings, and never needs an energetic clearing. Citrine can be used to clear unwanted energies from your home. Family issues caused by negative energies can also be resolved and cleared with citrine. Since citrine eliminates negative energies, it helps generate stability in all areas of your home, and is great for general protection

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